Thursday, December 11, 2008

'The Center of the Universe'

I submitted the following poem to a NY, New York poetry contest. Let me know what you think...

The Center of the Universe

The rain pelts as I gaze at the moon.
A summer wind breezes the water down my cheeks.
The drops exist as stars on the universe of my face.
They laugh because I am forced to stay far below,
Unable to free myself from my shackles;
To fly free with the velocity of a rocket to the sky.
This is where the stars converse with each other in the night
And the comets blast by in their ice-encased light.
A turmoil of dark matter, a celebration of gravitation:
The dance floor in the ballroom of palace of astronomy.
I smile at the beauty I normally cannot see,
I laugh at the suspense of the expanse suspended in space.
I imagine myself one with the starry night,
The nebulae are the emotions I get at such a time
When said time stops and with all of my energy
I am able to change matter into waves
And rush myself across the spread of ages.
Then can I truly return home to where I belong
At the center of the universe where I am from.

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