Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Look Back At the Fall 2008 Semester

This rant was originally written in my Waves and Optics notebook. I wrote this halfway through this past semester and, since the my semester will be over in 12 hours, I thought it would be entertaining to take a look back at just how pissed off I was in mid-October...

Titled: Why I Hate School in Run-on Sentence Format

Is it just me or have all WMU instructors become assholes? 
Maybe school's aggravating peeves have finally gotten their grimy hands on my brain and they are driving me insane - so hard they shake that I do not have the patience to deal with the fakeness of the kindness they use as a mask for their misery and humiliation of being a professor and having to work with idiots unable to comprehend such gibberish as their life work... and as if we care about what they have wasted their decades on, semi-annually repeating themselves until they cannot stand on both their legs and the concept of being stuck in a small, pasty, white room filled with equations and past events that everyone forgets about the moment they leave the classroom prison cell where those self-proclaimed altruists hide their sorrow and claim that they change our lives for the better.

So I was a little angry that day.

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