Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekly Update I


Check this stuff out:

---Go to youtube and search "Alt Text" for some of the funniest commentaries on very nerdy subjects ranging from Video Games to upcoming Apple Software to Good Old Fashioned Swindlers.

This site is a site that we, The RetroPipeWarp Team, are creating. Basically, it is a video game site to showcase our writing. We are just college students going into various fields of study who just enjoy writing and video games. The reason for theRETRO is because, again, we are college students, we cannot afford all the latest and greatest, so we do review some older games. 
Now, this does not mean we do not review newer titles. Between us we own all the newer generations (minus the PS3) and almost all the bigger older generations (Playstation 2, GameCube, XBox, N64, Sega Genesis, GameBoy Color, Playstation, et cetera). So we will have a healthy dose between older games that we love and newer games that we just got. Don't worry, we will pepper in some really bad games that we bought because we thought there could have been potential...
Please visit the site soon. It is up and running, yet still in it's infant stage. 
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