Saturday, December 6, 2008

Welcome to El's Blogsphere - A place where dreams are a reality and reality is awkward

It really cannot be helped:
How was I supposed to stay away?
Now really! Are you claiming I am just joining the bandwagon of blogging. I know I am a little too late. Blogging became popular years ago... where was I then? And isn't blogging at make me part of the masses. The answer: yes... and no. 
You see, there is blogging, and then there is El's Blogsphere Fantastique!
Normal blogging is just people complaining and whining and bitching about everything all the time.
El's Blogsphere Fantastique is that, plus the additional transforming and reshaping of your life - absolutely free of charge. My inspirational, yet humbling, words will completely change your way of looking at the world. It may very well open your eyes to the true YOU. And I am not looking for one bit of thanks (You're very welcome). 

Some people give money to charity; some do volunteer work; some pray for your health.

Me? I write.

And this is my contribution to the world.

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